Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trade show

Here is some belated images of the trade show where I showcased some of my work. The Cape Craft and Design Institute had hosted it and invited buyers, exporters and interior designers in the city to attend it. We each got a 2 x 1 meter booth, that we had to decorate ourselves. This created a bit of a problem for me, as I wanted to create little islands of interest, vs a table of mixed work. I wanted to showcase each work as an individual focus. But budget restraints had to ensure that I created something long lasting and effective.

I had some bedside tables that I bought from crafters that sell them on the street corners of our cities. These wooden and wicker furniture is made from scrap pieces of wood and it gives unemployed people the opportunity to earn a living working for themselves. By buying it from them, I feel that I contribute to preventing poverty in my country and hopefully help reduce crime at the same time.

After a few measurements, I took the beloveds utility and went shopping for super wood. At a nominal cost, they cut the pieces to size for me, and back home. A neighbor was supposed to help me, but never pitched. So a mad dash of me finishing off last minute work and pots of wood glue, filler and sanding blocks got all finished. I made tiny little floating shelves that were fitted onto a back board. Since these slide onto the wooden blocks that is screwed onto the board, I could remove them for easy storage once the trade show is over. I painted everything white.

Setting up was a breeze. A final touch-up with the paint roller, and I could arrange all my pieces on the stand. A set of spotlight created focus on the individual shelves, highlighting the work. I could store all my bags and what not in the shelves, thus keeping everything nice and tidy.

Yesterday we had a meeting at the CCDI where some prizes were handed over to the exhibitors. There were 5 prizes in total, and to my utmost surprise I took home 2! The exhibitors had to choose the best stand, and my peers awarded me with this prize. I also got a silver (2nd) award for the best stand as chosen by the organisers and visitors.

I was very satisfied with the outcome of the trade show, as I have made some valuable contact with buyers and exporters.

Here is some new work that I delivered to one of the galleries that visited the trade show:


ShellyD said...

Congrats!!! You are doing so well. Good luck at the new Gallery - sounds fantastic. It was great chatting to you today.


Julie Haveland Beer said...

Your stand looks wonderful, and shows off your art pieces beautifully! Many congratulations on well deserved awards!! As for the new gallery items, they are gorgeous!!

FireBearDesigns said...

Congratulations! Your hard work is really paying off. I peek in every once in a while from here in Alaska :-) I love the teapot and candle stick designs. Bravo!!!

Jenn said...

Wow. Well deserved placing! That display is stunning and I adore your new work, too!!! ***drooling over the colors***

THE GGG talk and share said...

hi Diana..

your pieces are such a stand out..
congrats on the Gallery ..
2010 here we come ;0)
out visiting tonight..
hope you had a great summer..
mona & the girls

Nita said...

Oh Diana!!!!! Congrats on the awards, and here's hoping for tons of sales!
Ya might not know it, but I lurk here often, it's so good have have my internet back. I've missed you!
Again, well done, and everything looks so impressive!!!