Monday, November 24, 2008

Up the mountain ...

I have not done a lot of hiking for years, but recently I got a pair of hiking boots for my birthday, so when the lovey told me that he was meeting some friends on Table mountain on Sunday, and did I want to come with (since I had the new boots) I could hardly say no, now could I?

So with a lot of fear (I really hate heights) I dressed accordingly, used about a litre of sunblock and donned a hat. We got a whole picnic thing together (lots of German sausage, cheese and rolls) to enjoy at the top.

Leo is a marathon runner. So after the first 100 meters I told him to meet me at the top, I could not keep up with him. OK, I was panting and sounded as if I was in dire need of a macho rescue guy who could carry me down the bit that I had walked. I could see in Leo's eyes that he thought that I would bail out. It was a wonderful sunny day, with the slightest hint of a breeze, making it all very comfortable (if you exclude the half a meter steps that you had to take ...).

I took lots of pictures - my handy excuse for a rest. After the first hour I got a bit better and started to focus on a rock or outcrop just ahead of me. Diana, if you can make it to there, you are allowed a break of one minute. And that was what I did. Just a few more steps, remember the look in Leo's eyes? Show him that you are not a moaner and a giver-upper.
The new boots really helped a lot. My ankles never wavered, and I could walk/climb/heave myself up the next rock. At last I was in the shade of the gorge. Water was dripping of the overhanging cliffs, and some Chinese tourists refilled my water bottle with some fresh mountain water.
About 200 meters from the top Leo rescued me with a welcoming bottle of Icy cold Savanna. It tasted like nectar from the Gods. Suddenly I had more energy and could keep up with him. His friends were already at the picnic spot, having a good party going. Leo was proud of me. I was even prouder of myself. Wanting to do something, and actually doing it is 2 entirely different things. I have climbed my mountain.

Throughout these pictures, I have tried to include a ribbon of tarred road. That was our starting point. In some of them you could see teeny tiny cars parked. I do not know how high the mountain is, but my body told me today that it was VERY high!


angelinabeadalina said...

Way to go, Diana! Leo must have been bursting with pride when he walked with you back up to the top! Your picture essay is beautiful, too. Looks like it was a very nice day :)

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

What an unbelievable experience Diana! And what breath taking views. I'm so greatful you shared it with me! I just love hearing other's stories of where they've been and what their favorite things in life are!

Big hugs from the U.S.