Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the men in my life

After working just plain too many hours for the last couple of days as a nurse I had enough, and cancelled my second shift for the day (I guess working from eight in the morning till 5 is enough) that was due to start at 7 pm till midnight, and opted to go and visit Leo last night.

After a brief catnap I arrived at his house at 9, and found him still busy in his studio. I got a serious fun toy at the Convention centre and for a while we played catch in the night garden with the lighted bouncy ball. It is small interactions like this which really keeps us close. Just doing silly fun things because we can. Afterwards I helped him cast moulds (my very senior job is to fettle the edges and sometimes the boss will allow me to use the compressor to release a plaster mould) till about 11 pm. I had found some lovely vintage music at a discounted price over the weekend, and Smokey were filling the air while we worked, watched by the shop supervisor, Thomas.

Thomas has been living with Leo for the last 5 months, and the 2 men really get along fine. Leo grumbles occasionally about the damn cat, while stroking his tummy. Tommy is a man's man and love to sit in Leo's studio, just keeping him company.


angelinabeadalina said...

Sounds like just the right way to end a long day! The night time game of catch with the light up ball sounds like fun!

Diana Ferreira said...

Oh, it was such fun. Leo was so impressed with the handout I scored at the Convention centre! He said to me afterwards that he needed the break, and it was the best! I actually got another ball today, lol.

ChatElaine said...

Great Tut. Never tried this yet but may one day. Thanks Elaine

ChatElaine said...

Sorry put this on the wrong post. Should be on your ring tutorial post. Elaine