Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Hoop Earrings

I have made these hoop earrings some time ago, but decided to rather wait for the ordered ear pins, instead of making my own. 1 month to the date of ordering the pins, I got the notification from our Post Office. I have a parcel to collect. Honestly - I thought they disappeared somewhere in outer space. After I paid the taxes owed, I hurriedly opened the box. Lots of itsy little bits of silver. Thank goodness I had bought some stainless steel stud plugs some time ago, as these came without any.

I used the my new Triolyse glue to bond the pieces together, and voila! New stock for the shop!!!


Steffi said...

Very very beautiful earrings.I like the colours!

Diana Ferreira said...

Thank you Steffi!