Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Decorex Cape Town and new work

I have been quiet for weeks and weeks, I know. But I would like to present the reason:
I was preparing for Decorex Cape Town. Finally it is over. I still have adrenaline cursing through my veins, my sleep pattern is totally out of wack and I have ants in my pants. I have forgotten how to just relax and do nothing for a few minutes.
So what have I been up to these last weeks?
Well, I had to design and build my stand displays, which needed to double up as shop displays. In the shop we have this narrow ledge about flank height, just too narrow to really display an article on it. So I thought if I build a pigeon holed display unit with a wider shelf on top, to cover the ledge, I would be able to hide it, and provide more display space in the shop. Yet I realised that shelves below eye level might not be a good idea for the show. Money (or the lack of it) forced me to stay with my original idea. 3 1 meter wide shelves were cut to size and I set about assembling them. Wood glue and lots of screws later I had 3 units that were sturdy enough to hold my work.
And that was the other reason why I was so quiet. I have been working, working and then some more work. Sleep became a luxury in my life. I gave myself one night off this month - it was on Leo's birthday, and we went to a gallery opening and afterwards some dinner and a game of tenpin bowling. He loved the world map I gifted him, and we had fun. But we were both under work pressure to complete orders (him) and me stock.
I love working in my new ceramic studio, a.k.a. the garage. I must really remember to take a picture of it. At the moment it needs lots of shelves for storage of plaster molds and drying casted clay. A plaster spillage made a beautiful pattern on the floor that needs to be chipped off. My work area is littered with stuff just stacked on top of each other. It is a real mess ...
But, finally I could deliver my work to the venue. Leo helped me to deliver the display units to the venue on Wednesday, and Thursday I delivered the ceramic and glass pieces. The CTICC was busy with last minute construction work, paint and wood smells mixed with the loads of flowers that were used as decoration on most stands. the cost of some of the stands could sustain me for a couple of years and I sometimes felt nauseated by the waste I saw.
Then the show started. A metallic voice announced that Decorex is officially open and trade visitors started to flow through the hall. At the end of the first day my face ached from smiling. Not to mention my feet! High heels and a show is not best friends, especially if you are used to wearing flatties every day normally.
The 5 days melted into a waking up, coffee, getting dressed, driving to the centre. Smile, sell, talk. Smile, sell, talk. Smile, sell, talk. Home, bath, heating left over lunch, bed.
Finally we could take down our stands, and escape the repetition. It was pure bliss to wrap the remaining pieces of ceramics and take them to the shop last night. And then SLEEP!

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