Thursday, January 22, 2009

2010 World Cup

I planned to do some Lampwork today, but got bogged down in a chat room, having a lovely time with some online friends, till the website froze up. Then I suddenly realised that I had an appointment in the city with the CCDI.

They were briefing art and craft people about the 2010 World Soccer Cup, and selling opportunities. We all got lists of do's and do'nts and just general information. I wore some of my jewellry, and got a few compliments! That is always good, lol. Now I have to work towards the 10 th of February, when we have to submit work for judging. From there on, the panel will work with us, and help with marketing. Apparently the big corporations is already looking for gifting, etc.

I have also made another appointment with their panel to discuss my ceramic line. I took some of the completed pieces with me, and got good feedback. I am to late for Design Indaba, but will still be able to take part in the Decorex Cape Exhibition. That will also give me time to make sure that I could get some media coverage to coincide with the exhibition.

On the way home I had a mental picture of what I want my coffee mug to look like! Poor Leo, he will be slaving away for ever on my work! At least I am learning a lot about making moulds, and slip casting.

Monday, January 19, 2009

the proof is in the pudding ...

I finally got my ceramic pieces back today, and spent some time drilling the holes clean, rinsing them with my squirt gun, and then took them all outside for a leisurely sun tan before I attempted to assemble everything.

Armed with my Vernier Caliper, and a lot of other stuff I started to measure, cutting bits of mandrels with my abused Jeweller's saw, and finally put all together. Currently the whole lot is resting with elastic bands around their ample bosoms, waiting for the bonding agents to cure, while I cannot wait to start using my pretties.
I absolutely believe in test driving everything I make. Whether it is a new ring design, or what. I must know that it will survive me and those around me before I will ever consider selling anything that I have made.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A belated Happy New Year!

I was more than a bit shocked when I noticed my last entry - mid December 2008! I would like to offer lots of excuses, but I suspect that the real reason was me just not having a lot of energy. this last week my body finally orchestrated a mini revolt and declared itself sick. My immune system went off somewhere nice and fancy and left the back door wide open for bugs. As a result I have been coughing and spluttering till the wee hours of the morning, sleeping in bouts of strange nightmarish places.

My lungs is behaving a bit better, the gaggas in my nasal passages seemed to be leaving and the absolute fatigue that has been plaguing me since new year seems to be disappearing.

Good news is that I will receive my first batch of fired ceramics tomorrow! Just some teacups and sugar bowls. I have been a bit tardy with the milk mugs and they will start their firing process tomorrow. Except for the pitchers that I played with last year, this will be the real fire walk for me. Will my head pictures work? All the what ifs will either come true tomorrow, or be dispelled to Lala land forever. We have not started on modelling any saucers or cake plates, as I first wanted to see how the tea cup's shape is altered by the beaded handle. At a later stage I would like to add a beaded lid to the sugar bowl. And of course the Tea Pot! I have already made some beads for the first one!

And not least: I hope that you all have the bestest of best year ahead of you! May all your wishes come true, may your path be an easy one, your health excellent and your purse full!

Finally, I have finally tried going BIG, lol. Please find the link to my new Art Fire shop. I will be adding more goodies in the next few days!