Friday, June 12, 2009

Bumpy jewels

I have been working way too many hours as a RN these past few weeks, but it was all done for a good reason, ;-)

Luckily I was able to squeeze some torch time in and gave up on a lot of sleep. The problem is that I have just too much ideas racing through my mind coupled with some other day to day issues. But when that torch is lit, a peace overcomes me and I can go into a sort of a hypnosis that is just glass and heat.

These are some images of my 'trance' beads. Please note, these are 'honkers'. I am talking easily 30 mm wide (hole to hole) and more width wise ... But what a ball these were to make! One set was just normal Moretti colours with lenses of the softest hues of corresponding transparent colours, the other set is a mix of silvered glass that was laying around my work table. the lenses on them were a very pale blue transparent. And a close-up of one of the silvered glass beads. I just love the way the dark Ivory went all crazy with little mosaic like patterns.

Enjoy! These are all for a submission next week to be part of an exhibition/sales opportunity, and will be converted into candle sticks ...


ShellyD said...

Gorgeous!!!! Have a super weekend. Let's hope I have a surprise for all of you soon. :))

Don't forget about that price for me on that item we discussed. :))


artemissne said...

Deelicious! :-D No seriously, they're amazing beads!
Glad you found some time for a much needed meditation session at the torch... ;-)


Diana Ferreira said...

Thanks Shelly and Kristien! It was such fun to make.