Friday, August 15, 2008

Do I call it work, or is is just fun?

I have been busy these last few weeks practising new and old tecniques on my torch. So I saw these funky looking beads on, and decided to try and figure the methology out. After many hours and failed beads I had a group of improving beads until the last final perfect bead! And then, when I went online, I found a tutorial on the same bead! But I am still happy that I could figure the process out all by myself, and had overcome the troubleshooting all by myself!

Melvin, a local wire and paper artist, made the most amazing sculptures for my displays. I love the fact that I will now be using art to display my own art! And all it took was an initial meeting, a follow-up to check progress, and should he need to make changes, and 1 week later I have the finished product!

These last few weeks consisted just out of dashing from one point to the next. Work the day in the studio (or meetings), then a quick bath before I race to the hospital for a short shift from 19:00 till 24:00, then racing to Brackenfell and Liefie, a quick chat and me passing out in bed. A couple of hours later (05:30) gets rudely awaken by the alarm, rushing to get ahead of the morning traffic back to the city and my home. Unlock the studio, and start working ...

But then I love my current life so much, and do I really want to change it?

I got some silversmithing tools this week, and this will help me to make more finished jewellry at home, not try and race through it all on my favourite day of the week. Wednesdays is definately the best ever, and I really enjoy interacting with the other students. Brenda is also such a help and and her patientce with me is worth mentioning. I have learnt such a lot these last few months, and love the chalange that silver offers me.

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