Friday, May 7, 2010

Can anyone help me???

Ok, I must admit - I am clueless to we wonders of the web. Google I can do. But how the heck to I add my brand new Etsy shop to the Gadgets (or whatever) here on my blogspot?

Anyone out there who could help me?

thanks in advance ...

some new jewellery

I have not shown any jewellery for some time. I made these pendants last week, and finished the silver work to it last night. I used shards that I blew about 2 years ago, and murrini that I made some time last year. I only got to cut the slices last week!

Purple and blue shards on a purple base. Images shown is of the same bead, different views:

Ivory bead with Silvered Ivory shards and murrini. Different views of the same bead:

Another Ivory with SIS shards and murrini, different views:

Ivory flattened bead with purple murrini twisted:

new furniture in the shop finally!

Here is some images of the shelves in the shop. I like the way our little shop is coming together!